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  • Abstract background with the text, Pinegrow is not a page builder

    Pinegrow is Not a Page Builder

    After yesterday’s announcement of the Pinegrow WordPress plugin, the question I was asked over and over was, “How is this different from every other page builder?” Put simply, Pinegrow is not a page builder. It’s a fully featured, visual, custom blocks and themes builder.

  • Abstract background with the text, Creating an Accessible HTML & CSS Biography Card

    Creating an Accessible HTML and CSS Biography Card Using the Pinegrow Web Editor

    In this video, I show how we can build an accessible and responsive biography grid using plain HTML and CSS inside the Pinegrow website editor.

  • LED Sign with the year 2022

    A Peak Performance Digital 2021 Retrospective

    While 2022 will be an exciting year for us, here’s a quick look at some of the most significant updates from 2021:

  • Map with pins in it representing local search engine optimization (SEO)

    Understanding Key Differences between Local SEO and Traditional SEO

    Although both local SEO and organic SEO target improvement of your ranking on search results, there are fundamental differences between the concepts. To help you decide on the best, here are key approaches to the strategies.