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Digital Marketing Strategy & Consulting

Great digital marketing strategies don't just happen.

Dominate Your Digital Marketing

Great digital marketing strategies don’t just happen. There’s no Magic 8 Ball that’s going to guide you to success, and there are certainly no accidental wins in the digital world. Long-term success requires grounded strategies that combine smart analytics, savvy campaigns, and tons of juicy data. Peak Performance Digital is an agency deeply seeded in digital marketing and strategy. Our past experiences and boutique nature helps us tackle each client with a hands-on approach. We don’t have a mission statement. Our mission statement is your mission statement.

Discover the Value of Your Brand

Our Discovery session involves a series of meetings where we dive deep into your brand to uncover hidden potential, target weaknesses, and leverage strengths. We’ll start by answering questions like:

  • What does your business offer beyond the product or service?
  • Who values what you have to offer the most (i.e., who is your ideal customer?)
  • What types of content do your customers best respond to?
  • How important is SEO in your buyer’s journey?
  • What types of platforms make sense for your brand?
  • What social channels will generate the best response from your audience?

This in-depth Discovery process isn’t just “talk.” When we use the word consultant, we really mean hands-on idea orchestrators. Sure, this process doesn’t dive into the technical components of marketing strategy (but we can certainly do that!), but it does generate more than buzz. We use it to generate tangible deliverables, including the following:

  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategy
  • Ideal Customer Avatar
  • Competitive Analysis
  • 1-page Business Analysis (a.k.a “Lean Canvas”)
  • Journey Map
  • Before & After Grid
  • Engagement Workflow
  • Project Plan and Implementation Roadmap

These rich deliverables aren’t simply frameworks; they’re action items. These core deliveries will spark the fuse the helps you explode your brand into the digital world with vigor. Are you tired of watching your competitors take bites out of your cake? Do you want to convince and convert every client you come into contact with?

Consulting Engagement

We believe that every business has a success recipe. Our secret sauce formula is the combination of strategy (the what) and tactics (the how). Marketing shouldn’t be static. Your customers are changing daily. The methods they use to engage with content, the types of content they like and consume, and their personal preferences beyond the content are in a constant state of flux. By understanding your customers and the technology that fuels them, we can help you implement deep layers of marketing strategy that generate attention.

We aren’t talking about the day-to-day processes that go into creating successful marketing strategies. Those are learned. We’re talking about the big picture items that define your brand. We want to answer questions like:

  • What kinds of content do your customers like today?
  • What kinds of content will your customers like tomorrow?
  • What social websites do your customers exist on?
  • What types of campaigns will your customers respond to?
  • What type of website will generate leads and impress prospects?

During this process, you can expect regularly scheduled meetings and a 24/7 communication pipeline directly to our President and founder. Our boutique status lets us get personal with every client, and we don’t field massive “communication” teams that stall processes and create friction. If you have a question, you get to ask us directly. We believe that solid communication and plenty of attention create amazing results. We’ll become your biggest brand evangelists. And we’ll make sure that your customers will too.

What Do You Need to Get Started?

Once we’ve agreed on a quote, established a marketing framework, and imagined your future goals, we’ll fill out a few pieces of paperwork and get busy. This process is simple, but it’s important. Here are the basic steps that we take with clients and what we’ll need from you.

The proposal stage: We’ll send you a fair, market-accurate quote to get things started. You can accept this quote as-is by signing it and returning it, or you can discuss any needed changes with us at this time. Once we’ve done the handshake, you’ll sign a few forms, dot a few i’s, submit payment, and we’ll get started.

The action stage: Now that the paperwork is finally done, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal. We’ll set a meeting time and location for our initial meetings and start Discovering what really works for your brand.

The deliverables stage: During our final meeting, we deliver a comprehensive marketing strategy that will guide you into the future, battle-ready.

Are You Ready to Bring in the Big Guns?

We may be small. But we pack a mighty punch. With a skilled network of marketing pros and a diehard fan of open communication, we transform brands marketing ideas into marketing actions. You don’t have to venture into the shark tank of digital marketing alone. We’ve got your fin. Every brand starts somewhere, and we’re here to take you to the next stage and beyond.

Are you prepared for digital marketing dominance? Contact us! Let’s build the future of your brand, together.

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