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Conditionals in Pinegrow for WordPress

Conditionals in Pinegrow for WordPress

In today’s video, we are going to take a simple login button and show how we can use conditions to change it button to a “My Account” button if the user is logged in.

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To do that, we need to determine whether the user is logged in, and if so, hide the “log in” button and show the “my account” button. Luckily, Pinegrow comes with over 70 built-in conditionals that you can use inside your theme or blocks. To make it even more interesting, most of these conditionals have extra options that you can specify so that you can group them, check if a condition is NOT met. Taking it one step farther, Pinegrow also lets you write your own conditionals for anything that they might not have included. You can even use operators such as OR, AND, or ELSE to to fine tune your conditions.

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