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Email Marketing: It's Not Dead Yet!

Email marketing: it's not quite time for it to roll over in the grave yet. In most industries, a quarter or more of emails are still getting opened--and in a widespread marketing campaign, that's a lot of opportunities to connect with potential customers! In fact, the right email marketing strategy and tools--including Infusionsoft or Active Campaign--can help tailor your message to your audience, automate the process, and increase your ROI over almost any other digital marketing channel. If you're still on the fence about whether or not email marketing is worth your while, the right tools, strategies, and tricks can make it easier to reach your marketing goals.

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By the Numbers

People are still using email in astonishing numbers, relying on it as one of their primary methods for staying in touch with brands that they care about. 74% of teenagers even use email to communicate. For adult users, that number rises to over 90%--and 95% of business professionals use email on a regular basis. This highly popular method of communication offers a wide range of advertising opportunities that can help shape customers' response to your business and improve your ability to reach them.

Americans tend to prefer email communications to other channels, too. 72% acknowledge that they prefer email communications over text messages and social media. Even millennials significantly prefer this means of communication, making it the ideal way to connect with them with offers and advertisements.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing has a number of key benefits that keep it on the digital marketing scene with a vengeance--and it's not just about the number of people who are still using email. Consider how email marketing can make it easier for you to reach customers and interest them in your products.

Email marketing remains more effective than many other forms of advertising--including social media. Email marketing can yield significant ROI--often as much as 38 times the amount spent in marketing. Even with low open rates for your emails, it's still an excellent opportunity to offer information to your customers: offering discounts, providing product information, and more. It helps that email marketing is inexpensive to begin with, starting off at only a few cents per message.

Email marketing allows for immense personalization. Automated email marketing can help send out specific emails based on the steps that customers have taken. Did they buy a specific product? Show interest in a certain type of item? Future email communications can be customized to allow for these preferences--often with little actual effort on your part once the initial campaign is set up. Not only that, personalization--which significantly increases the number of emails that are opened--can help increase your connection to your customers and provide them with information that is genuinely useful to them which will, in turn, increase future email open rates.

Email marketing goes with your customers. Today's customers are highly mobile, taking their devices with them wherever they go--and that means that they take your marketing emails, too. From those key discount offers that will allow them to save a little on their purchases to timely reminders about sales or promotions, emails are wherever your customers are. They're also easier to access than communications or ads on social media and other platforms, which may disappear before they can be used and be difficult to find again.

Email marketing is far from dead--and by utilizing the right strategies, you can make it work for you as never before. If you need help creating email marketing campaigns that will wow your customers and increase your open rates, contact us today. We'll work with you to help you take full advantage of all the benefits of email marketing.

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