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5 Tactics Marketers Use to Maximize Lead Generation in a Digital World

5 Tactics Marketers Use to Maximize Lead Generation in a Digital World

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As a business owner, you probably know the importance of generating effective sales leads, as this can mean whether your business will succeed or not. Maybe you’ve heard of lead generation but aren’t quite sure how it works and how to make the best use of it. Here are five of the main ways to maximize lead generation in a digital world, along with a few considerations and warnings.

What Is Lead Generation and Digital Marketing?

Simply put, lead generation is the technique marketers use to obtain inquiries from potential customers. Before there was an internet, lead generation took place at events, such as trade shows, in which people visiting booths would share their contact information on cards so that they could be contacted by company sales representatives.

Digital marketing is advertising that uses a digital or online platform to attract customers. It’s also known as SEO or search engine optimization, which determines website standing, regarding where it’s ranked in internet searches.

What Are the Pillars of Lead Generation?

In a nutshell, the three main pillars of lead generation include capturing leads, qualifying leads and nurturing leads.

Capture—First, you need to capture as many leads as you can by providing interesting, important and relevant content. In other words, the information you present needs to be what potential customers both need and want. This means having a clean, streamlined, uncluttered landing page with a single call-to-action.

Qualify— Next, you need to qualify your leads, meaning you have to decide which ones should be eliminated and which ones should be forwarded to a sales department. Often, this is not an easy task.

Nurture—The last step is nurturing those leads that you have captured until they’ve met the qualifications for connecting them with a sales department. Before people decide to buy a product, they usually must determine if they can trust a company, if they can afford it, and if the product will be useful. Some of the best nurturing tactics include those such as sales calls, email newsletters, leadership articles, white papers, and webinars.

5 Effective Tactics or Channels Your Business Can Use  

1. Social media marketing—This is the channel viewed by marketers as the most effective tactic for achieving lead generation goals. Besides using social media for ads, many businesses use platforms, such as Facebook, for polls as well as for photo and video contests. Businesses can ask consumers to enter a valid email address to participate. Then, the compiled email address list can be used in an email marketing campaign.

2. Email marketing—In addition to generating the most ROI (return on investment), email marketing is also the most effective tactic used for lead nurturing. Furthermore, it’s one of the simplest strategies to launch.

3. Third-party podcasts—These tools are also fruitful as they provide an ideal means for sharing important information. Podcasts can also help in building trust between you and your audience.

4. Webinars—Just as podcasts, webinars are another effective method for relating pertinent information about your product. When choosing what you want to share, be sure any information you use is helpful and does waste time, so users will stay with you and will listen to your entire webinar.

5. Video marketing—Effective, well-placed videos can also greatly increase the number of page viewers.

Considerations and Warnings

  • Although by itself SEO isn’t considered lead generation, it’s can be used as a critical traffic channel for lead generation.
  • Other tactics include display ads and paid search or online advertising.
  • Determine your main goals early and then rank them, based on factors such as your budget and resources.
  • Realize that lead generation doesn’t come overnight. Instead, it’s a process, meaning that you’ll need to continue to work on the pillars of lead generation. However, the more time you invest in the process, the more leads you can generate.
  • Determine your product’s uniqueness so that you can tell prospective customers how your product is different from others. Chances are, if people don’t know how your product is unique, they will complain about the cost and won’t consider it valuable enough to make a purchase.
  • Give only the facts when promoting your product. This means cutting out the fluff and not using words that do nothing to describe your business.

To learn more on how you can get started in maximizing lead generation, please contact us at Peak Performance Digital .

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