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Websites, SEO, Marketing, and Automation | An allegory of an analogy business

Websites, SEO, Marketing, and Automation | An allegory of an analogy business

Henry, analogy business ownerMeet Henry

Henry has a business that sells absurd analogies

If you are here, you probably have or are starting a business too!

Henry decides to build his absurd analogy store in the middle of nowhere
Whether your business has a physical location or not, you need a website, just like Henry needs his analogy store.

Henry has heard great things about Peak Performance Digital, and he knows how much Adam appreciates a good analogy, so he hires them to build his new website. (Adam isn’t allowed to play with power tools, so Henry had to hire a construction company to build the store).

Did we mention that this is an absurd analogy?

Inside his store, Henry has several different types of analogies that he sells. Henry needs a way to let his customers know what his analogies do and why they should buy them. Henry also needs to build trust in his business and products so people know that his store is the best place to buy analogies.

Henry sells a ridiculous product, but he’s smart!

He knows that people are driven to visuals, that’s why he relies on their parent company, Adam Lowe Creative, to create photographs and videos of his products and of his customers enjoying their analogies and photographs of his staff and store to help customers connect with Henry’s company and see them as experts in the analogy business.

Henry still has a problem though.

His website, I mean his store, is in the middle of nowhere and people have no idea that his analogies actually exist. Henry is sad, so he calls his trusted advisors at Adam Lowe Creative for help.

analogy business store

Since Adam has already been to the store to create the visual marketing materials for Henry’s company, he points out that there are no roads leading to the store from the highway which is why none of his customers can get to him.

If you haven’t guessed by now, the roads are an absurd analogy for Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Adam Lowe Creative’s expert team goes to work building those SEO roads so that customers traveling along the superhighway can get to Henry’s store.

Customers start to trickle in but roads, word of mouth, and referrals from happy buyers of his analogies just aren’t enough to keep Henry’s store open and family fed.

Once again, Henry calls Adam for help. Adam points out that, even though there are beautiful roads leading to the store, there are no signs telling anyone that the store exists. Adam suggests creating some billboards along the highway telling people about the store and showing them how much better their lives will be with Henry’s analogies.

analogy business Henry is skeptical because those signs cost a lot of money and there is no guaranteed return on the investment. Who should we target with our signs? What are the signs going to say? Are we placing the signs in the right places? Do we have enough signs? With so many questions Henry starts to worry…

Adam Lowe Creative’s crack team of marketing specialists are on the job though. They help Henry define exactly who his ideal clients are and create signs that are tailor-made to grab their attention. Not only that but since we know what roads his ideal clients take we know exactly where to place the signs and when they’ll be most effective.

And yes, these signs are a bad analogy for advertising on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, and others.

A few months later, and Henry’s store is so busy he doesn’t know what to do with himself. He’s having trouble keeping up with all the orders for new analogies and a lot of potential and repeat business is being lost because he’s drowning in the day-to-day work. To make matters worse, the quality of his analogies is suffering and customers are starting to complain.

Henry calls his old pal, Adam, to see if he has any advice. You would think that Henry knows a lot of other people that could help him, but Adam Lowe Creative already knows so much about his business and its operations that they are just a natural fit.

Unbeknownst to Henry, Adam is actually an expert in business process and marketing automation from a previous life in the corporate world.

Adam’s exceptional laziness and unwillingness to do the same task more than twice has led to him having an uncanny ability to simplify, document, and automate processes in innovative ways with technology.

After a thorough investigation, Adam finds and oversees the implementation of the right tools and processes to get Henry’s business back on track. Rather than trying to tackle every problem all at once, Adam and his team document and prioritize each of Henry’s pain points and they get to work on solutions.

First, Henry needs to bring back the quality analogies he is so well known for. By streamlining, systematizing, and in some places automating the repetitive processes Henry uses to create his analogies, Henry is once again able to provide consistent high-quality analogies to his customers. Henry also has free time to play with his kids on the weekends!

The work isn’t over yet, though. What about all that business that Henry had to turn away when things were tough. Worse yet, what about all the customers he knows that he let down? Adam and his marketing automation team have a solution for that as well. With a few automated, yet personalized re-engagement campaigns Henry is able to reach out to all those lost leads and try to incentivize them to come back into the store. They also create campaigns to survey existing customers to gauge their satisfaction in Henry’s analogies and allow Henry to address any unhappy customers.

At the same time, however, Adam’s team knows that all this customer re-engagement is going to put an extra workload on Henry’s sales team. That’s why they came prepared to train and implement the sales team on some powerful tools that would have been out of reach for the small business just a few years ago. These new tools allow the sales team to track and automate their entire sales cycle and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Better yet, these tools allow Henry’s team to see what is happening on the marketing side of the business so they can anticipate customer’s wants and needs.

Henry’s business is now running smoothly and he’s churning out the best absurd analogies in the whole world.

analogy business

Henry now realizes that, although business is hard, it doesn’t need to be complicated. With a strategic partner like Adam Lowe Creative on his side, Henry can focus on what he does best and let the experts guide him through the tricky parts.

Be like Henry. Call Peak Performance Digital today!

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