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Why It Might Be Time For a New Website

Why It Might Be Time For a New Website

Do you want to listen in on a conversation I have at least once a week? Here it goes:

Potential customer: “Hi. I think I need a new website.”

Me: “Ok! What are your goals for your new site?”

Potential customer: “Um. I want customers to be able to find me online…?”

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to make fun of anyone. This isn’t like a customer service call where the punchline is, “I can’t find the ‘any’ key!”

What I am trying to do is emphasize the reasons why DIY website packages—or stand-alone websites— don’t hold a candle to “big picture” digital marketing strategies.

new website web design business objectivesYour Artistic Vision Vs. Your Customer’s Literal Vision: Let’s Be Realistic

Your website design should reflect the tone of your business, and appeal to your target market. The design needs to be responsive, which means it behaves flawlessly and beautifully no matter what device—laptop, smartphone or tablet—or operating system the visitors use to view it.

Fonts, colors, text blocks and graphics should enhance user-experience without detracting from your message, and content should be organized in a way that is intuitive and appealing to your potential customers.

DIY website packages woo business owners with trendy but over-used templates with confusing navigation tricks, but practically speaking, website visitors are turned off if they’re subjected to a learning curve just to figure out how to get to the “Contact Us” page…even if they’ve visited six other pages with the same off-the-shelf site design that very day.

Website design requires objectivity. While you might be proud of your page in all its Papyrus font and parallax-scrolling homespun glory, your customers might be begging for mercy…and getting it from your competition’s clean, functional website. Trust me to translate your vision for your business’ online presence into a design that enhances brand awareness, has clear business objectives, and keeps your customers engaged.

Is Your Website Search Engine Optimized?

Remember when you’d submit your site to all the popular search engines and be done with it? You’d smugly tap the checkbox on your BlackBerry task list and go on about your day, probably trying to score Matchbox Twenty tickets.

Now, search engines (and really, we’re talking about Google here) rely on a number of factors to determine how high your website will rank in search listings. Fresh content, frequent updates, traffic, and relevant keywords are still important in web design and SEO, but in vastly different ways than they were only two years ago.

How do you determine which keywords to use, and how to use them? Professional website strategists not only know how to boost your website’s rankings; we stay on top of the ever-changing “rules” of SEO and help you adjust your strategy to stay on top of your competition.

What’s Your Strategy for Driving Traffic to Your Website?

The best website in the world isn’t worth a dime if nobody ever sees it. Don’t rely on customers to find you through web searches alone.

  • Increase brand recognition and website traffic through professionally-tailored e-mail marketing campaigns calibrated toward key markets.
  • Ad serving platforms place your brand and links to your website in front of the customers you’re trying to reach.
  • Video content and regular blog posts allow you take advantage of viral marketing, as visitors share your content with like-minded friends.

More traffic to your professionally-designed website means more leads. And that same traffic gets your website noticed by search engines.

Are You Ready for a Redesign?

Whether you’re starting from scratch or giving your website a makeover, I can help you develop a professional, integrated online branding program with quality outsourced content to promote you as an industry influencer, attract the right customers, and keep them coming back for more.

Contact me for a consultation! Now that you know what goes into a strategy, you’ll have the right answers when we ask what you’re looking for.

As for the “any” key…well, if you have to ask, let’s just say…Yep! You definitely need a creative agency like Peak Performance Digital on your side.

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