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Small Business Blunders


  • Money growing on flowers representing Abundance Mindset

    Scarcity vs Abundance Mindset – Small Business Blunders, vol. 11

    So many small businesses have this mindset of scarcity, and they have this mindset of competition that they close themselves off from a lot of opportunities.

  • Target Your Customers - Dry Erase Board

    Riches are in the niches – Small Business Blunders vol. 10

    One thing that I see a lot of small businesses fail to do is to find their niche. There's an old saying out there that says "The riches are in the niches," and I completely believe that's true. That doesn't mean that you niche down so tightly that you only focus on one customer, that you only take care of one particular type of customer, but it means that you should be directed towards that customer primarily, so think the 80/20 rule.

  • Outsource versus in house road sign cycle

    Outsourcing is not a dirty word – Small Business Blunders vol. 9

    Today I'm going to talk about trying to do it all yourself. As a small business owner, this seems to be a problem that most people face. They either try to take on every task themselves or they refuse to delegate.

  • Business process management with workflow automation diagram and gears in virtual flowchart. businessman using digital tablet and laptop computer and document in modern office

    Document your processes – Small Business Blunders vol. 8

    I see too many businesses out there of all shapes and sizes that don't have documented processes. The problem is, that makes it so that whatever you're doing, isn't quite as repeatable as it could be.

  • entrepreneur staying connected with customers sitting at a table at home next to a laptop tying up packages for delivery to customers

    Stay connected with your customers – Small Business Blunders vol. 7

    Make sure that you're reaching out to people that you've done business with at least on a yearly basis.

  • Confused accountant calculating with a multicolor abacus. Studio shot.

    You (probably) aren’t an accountant – Small Business Blunders vol. 6

    Hi. My name is Adam with Adam Lowe Creative. I help small businesses just like yours overcome the challenges and obstacles that we all face. Last week, I talked about accounting software and how a lot of small businesses don’t have anything there. This week, I’m going to look at the other side of that […]

  • Business, finance and accounting software concept

    Invest In accounting software – Small Business Blunders vol. 5

    I see small businesses, even medium-sized businesses doing all of their accounting inside of Excel, or using something like Quicken. They're just using the wrong tools for the job.

  • Calendar Software Solutions

    Calendar Hell – Small Business Blunders, vol. 4

    Managing a calendar is something that I see all businesses struggle with, but in particular, I see professional services businesses struggle with this because they rely on meeting with people. The great thing is, with a little bit of technology, your calendar problems can be a thing of the past.

  • Businessman with dollar banknotes

    Spend Money to Make Money – Small Business Blunders, vol. 3

    Hi. My name is Adam, with Adam Lowe Creative. I help small businesses overcome the challenges that we all face. Today, I want to talk a little bit about marketing. One of the challenges that I see or one of the mistakes rather that I see a lot of small businesses make is that they […]

  • Man working on computer with web design on the screen

    Your Website Sucks – Small Business Blunders, vol. 2

    Something that I see over and over again is small businesses that have absolutely terrible websites or websites that look like everybody else's. So here's the deal, your website is your digital online presence. It represents you, it represents your company.

  • Generic Email Domain - Small Business Mistakes

    Generic Email Domain – Small Business Blunders vol. 1

    This is the first of a series of “small business mistakes” videos. Here, I discuss the problems with not using a custom domain name for your email. Hi, my name’s Adam Lowe with Adam Lowe Creative. One of the things that I do is I help small businesses overcome the challenges that we all face. […]