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Why Your Business Website Needs Video Content

Why Your Business Website Needs Video Content

Search engine optimization is far trickier than it was only a few years ago when web developers and DIY-minded business owners would incorporate keywords into website copy, stuff graphics with metadata, and enter their URLs into form fields on major search engine “tools” pages. But in this new age, video content is a significant marketing strategy businesses forget to practice.

Now, Google dominates the site indexing universe, and they’ve raised the bar for SEO. Websites need to hit multiple SEO targets to achieve competitive rankings, and those that fall short or abuse optimization techniques are doomed to exile, buried several pages deep in search returns.

Video content is a valuable component in search engine optimization, perhaps more so than infographics and text copy.

51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI — HubSpot

How can video content work for your D.C. area business?

Video Content “Anchors” Your Site to Local SEO

When you produce content relating to local markets, you verify to search engines that you’re entitled to use keywords containing search terms in your area and field. It’s easy to include SEO keywords in blog posts, but it’s far more awkward to use the “shotgun approach” to keyword placement in the title and content of video clips.

Careful, intentional use of keywords avoids search engine ranking penalties, and using location-specific video content gives you the advantage over competition casting broader nets outside their immediate areas.

Website branding video content marketing seo business Video Content Helps Establish Your Brand As An Industry Influencer

You don’t have to have a TED Talk to be considered a thought leader in your field, but informative videos aimed at colleagues and those breaking into your industry elevate your brand in the minds of your peers and even your clientele. For example:

An attorney’s video or webinar reviewing Maryland laws from the lawyer’s perspective might generate traffic through link-sharing on industry forums. When prospects come across your video on your site, or through “Maryland Lawyer” searches on YouTube, they’ll be exposed to your brand, and recognize you as having the experience to mentor your colleagues.

When attorneys are already booked or have conflicts with a prospect, they know that they can confidently refer would-be clients to you. B2B video content generates qualified leads.

Video Content Facilitates Emotional Connections

Short, informative videos establish a sense of investment in your brand on the part of the potential client. When viewers find value in your website content, they’re more likely to bookmark your site for future reference and retain a positive view of your brand.

If you use your video content as a lead magnet, the time a potential client invests in accessing and viewing your video (as quick and instantly-gratifying as the process should be) will make them more inclined to follow through with their purchase or booking.

Video Content is “Shareable”

If your video appeals to your market, it’s more likely to make the rounds on social media. Related companies might refer to your content to lend credibility to their own, creating inbound links to your website that enhance your own traffic and SEO rankings.

The more people who view your video—whether they find it on YouTube or directly on your site—the more Google recognizes it as popular, quality content.

Video Content is Ideal for Cross-Marketing Strategies

Cross-marketing is an allegiance between two or more non-competing businesses with overlapping markets. Say you operate a yoga studio in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. You have four main goals:

  • Position yourself in a thought leadership role
  • Reach demographics previously inaccessible to you
  • Reinforce referral networks among related businesses
  • Share production costs and expand exposure

You might join forces with a gerontologist and nutritionist to produce videos encouraging active seniors to eat well, engage in exercise that supports balance and muscle strength, and regularly have their bone density and vision monitored to prevent falls. “Keeping Silver Spring Seniors Healthy and Independent” would be a video readily shared by senior centers, local supplemental and home insurance agencies, physical therapists, and even contractors specializing in aging-in-place home retrofits.

“But wait,” you might ask, “do Seniors even use social media? Do they watch video content?”

The answer is “yes,” and increasingly so, especially among college-educated seniors on the younger end of the aging “baby boomer” generation.

Given that more seniors are digitally connected to their friends and family, their adult children might find and share your informative video, extending its usefulness as a traffic-generating SEO tool.

Video Content and Enhanced SEO: It’s Within Your Reach

Your videos might be a casual, relatable glimpse into your home office life or an infomercial in a media studio setting. For best results, you’d want a combination of both, to make your content and brand relatable as well as authoritative.

Adam Lowe Creative can help you produce, shoot, and format your SEO-enhancing video content, either on location or at our full-service Silver Spring studio. Contact us soon for information on our video, photography, and website development services to find out how we can help you reach the top of your field, as well as the top of your search engine rankings.

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