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  • Abstract background with the text, WordPress Menu Accessibility Part 2

    WordPress Menu Accessibility – Part 2: Detailed Requirements and Final Test

    In this video, I do a deep dive into the requirements to make an accessible Website Navigation Menu. I test the newly released Twenty Twenty-Three theme in WordPress 6.1 and show you the specific test criteria as I go along.

  • Abstract background with the text, More WordPress Menu Accessibility

    More WordPress Menu Accessibility: Four More Menus Compared

    By popular demand, here is a "Part 1.5" video as a follow-up to last week's WordPress menu accessibility roundup. Here, I've added practical accessibility tests for Beaver Builder, Astra, Cwicly, and Divi. Let's see how they hold up!

  • Abstract background with the text, WordPress Menu Accessibility Part 1

    WordPress Menu Accessibility – 10 Menus Compared: Practical Tests

    This is part one of a two-part series where I test the accessibility of 10 different menus from some of the most popular WordPress themes and Page Builders.

  • Screenshot of a website running the UserWay accessibility overlay and making the website impossible to read. A caption says, that's much easier to see, sarcastically.

    The Issues with Website Accessibility Overlays

    You’ve heard anecdotally that website accessibility overlays can make it harder to use a site, but in this live demo, I showed the harm it caused to a real member’s website. The overlay changed the colors, typography, and backgrounds to supposedly help with visual impairment, but really they were just trying to create fake results for accessibility auditing tools. This video is a condensed version of the presentation and demo just to highlight this one issue.

  • PowerPoint background image with the text, GSSCC Website Accessibility Webinar. Is your business a target for an accessibility lawsuit?

    GSSCC Website Accessibility Webinar

    Thank you for attending the GSSCC Website Accessibility Webinar. We'll publish a video of the webinar along with a copy of the slide deck as soon as it's available.