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  • the desk of a small business owner using user-generated content for their online marketing

    How User-Generated Content Can Benefit Your Business

    By not taking advantage of user-generated content, you're passing by critical opportunities that allow unpaid customers to endorse your products/services.

  • mobile phone with social media icons

    5 Reasons You Should Integrate a Facebook Ad Campaign Into Your Email Marketing

    Email ad campaigns give you a great way to reach your target audience. Most of the time, emails are directed straight to the customers who want your material most: that is, those who have already expressed an interest in your company. Email marketing campaigns, however, shouldn’t be designed to stand alone. By integrating other marketing […]

  • man scrolling through his social media on his electronic device

    Your Website Alone Isn’t Enough

    Why Different Channels are Important Many clients come to me looking for help with a new or existing website. They know what it can accomplish for them–and they know that it’s not working! The truth is, though, a website alone isn’t going to accomplish those major marketing goals. If you really want to see progress […]

  • rfp request for proposal paper document

    How to write better proposals with Rick Harris

    Welcome to the business insight lab where we bring you interviews with leaders in their fields to deliver valuable information for your business. I’m your host, Adam Lowe, and this is episode number 13. This week’s guest is Rick Harris. Rick is the executive director of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals, the APMP. I […]

  • Target Your Customers - Dry Erase Board

    Riches are in the niches – Small Business Blunders vol. 10

    One thing that I see a lot of small businesses fail to do is to find their niche. There's an old saying out there that says "The riches are in the niches," and I completely believe that's true. That doesn't mean that you niche down so tightly that you only focus on one customer, that you only take care of one particular type of customer, but it means that you should be directed towards that customer primarily, so think the 80/20 rule.

  • concept of customer going through the steps of the buyer journey

    A Blueprint for the Buyer's Journey

    It's not enough to cheer potential customers on as they travel along the buyer's journey. A business needs a plan for each step along the way!

  • Process optimization, business automation, marketing automation, sales automation, web design

    Process Optimization and Automation with Adam Lowe

    I promise you are going to want to hear some of this, especially if you are finding yourself working more than necessary, letting little things fall through the cracks, or if you want to make sure your customers have a consistently great experience with you and your company.

  • note to increase business lead generation

    5 Lead Generation Ideas That Will Work for Your Business

    The question for business is not whether lead generation is important, but rather, what are the most effective strategies to generate the number of leads you need to succeed?

  • man writing business blog to supercharge lead magnets

    How to Supercharge Your Blog With Lead Magnets

    While digital marketing is a hot field to attract new leads, it’s easy to get lost in how it really converts into cash. Firstly, you have to remember this: Lead magnets are one of the most important elements of a website because they drive sales. A lead magnet is something you offer to people only […]

  • entrepreneur staying connected with customers sitting at a table at home next to a laptop tying up packages for delivery to customers

    Stay connected with your customers – Small Business Blunders vol. 7

    Make sure that you're reaching out to people that you've done business with at least on a yearly basis.

  • Cartoon of Henry, a man in a suit

    Websites, SEO, Marketing, and Automation | An allegory of an analogy business

    Meet Henry Henry has a business that sells absurd analogies If you are here, you probably have or are starting a business too!

  • business woman crossing her arms in an office and smiling at the camera

    The Riches Are in the Niches: Why Specialization Works Now

    Today, having a niche is key to market the identity of your business. Here are three reasons why people buy products with specific marketing.