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  • People sitting around a desk looking at a presenter, with a caption that reads, Pros and Cons of Design by Committee

    The Pros and Cons of “Design by Committee”

    There’s an old saying that goes: “Too many cooks spoil the soup.” The idea is that when too many people are directly involved in the creative process, the final product could end up being a disappointment to everyone. Some web and graphic designers have similar feelings about “design by committee.” This term refers to a […]

  • Curvy orange and white background with an illustration of cartoon people sitting on and near a computer. The caption reads, Seven Practical on-page SEO tips for your business.

    7 Practical On-Page SEO Tips for Your Business

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most powerful marketing tools for any online business today. Simply put, an effective SEO strategy will make your company visible to the greatest possible number of customers by ensuring a high ranking on Google’s search results. Of course, SEO involves a lot more than just building links […]

  • Abstract background and image of a hard drive with the text, Back it up! Backup Strategies and Systems for your Business.

    Backup Strategies and Systems for Your Business

    Last week I turned on my workstation to find that my main hard drive had failed. That sucked! Luckily I had good backups, so the only thing I lost was time and some money to replace the drive, but it sparked some conversations with other agency owners about their backup systems. The things I heard […]

  • Abstract background and headshot of Adam Lowe with the text, Domains and DNS definitely demystified

    Domains & DNS Definitely Demystified

    There is a lot of confusion about domain names and DNS. What they are, how they work, who does what, and how all the pieces fit together. This video and transcript will help clear it all up.

  • Colorful blocks with the text, How We Do What We Do: Website Project Process, overlayed

    How We Do What We Do: Peak Performance Website Process Overview

    Before working with a new Digital Marketing partner on your website projects, it's important to know how they approach their work and whether that's a good fit for what you need. This video gives a high level overview of how we approach every new project so you can make that decision with as little effort as possible.

  • Cartoon character of a man scratching his head with question marks around him. Caption reads, Don't know how to begin? What you need to know before you start your next website project.

    What You Need to Know Before You Start Your Next Website Project

    After mapping out your business' brand-image or building your own portfolio, you feel it's time to take the next step and launch your own website. With the seemingly endless selection of website builders and tools available, it shouldn't be that hard, right? All of your colleagues seem to have a website, so it's definitely not an impossible feat... Right?

  • Cartoon style illustration of a store with an open sign. The caption reads, How can digital marketing improve your brick and mortar business?

    How Can Digital Marketing Improve Your Brick-And-Mortar Business?

    The fast-paced digital world has brought a new age dominated by consumer satisfaction. Implementing technology is the best way to gauge trends and the changing behavior of customers. It is, therefore, a powerful tool to allow businesses to meet the high market demands.

  • LED Sign with the year 2022

    A Peak Performance Digital 2021 Retrospective

    While 2022 will be an exciting year for us, here’s a quick look at some of the most significant updates from 2021:

  • Map with pins in it representing local search engine optimization (SEO)

    Understanding Key Differences between Local SEO and Traditional SEO

    Although both local SEO and organic SEO target improvement of your ranking on search results, there are fundamental differences between the concepts. To help you decide on the best, here are key approaches to the strategies.

  • screenshot of Pinegrow Web Editor working on a website

    Initial Impressions and Thoughts on the Pinegrow Web Editor

    We recently used Pinegrow to move an Elementor based website to a custom theme with blocks. I've had a few people ask me why I like it and how it fits into my workflow, so I created a video of my thoughts.

  • someone performing a customer review satisfaction feedback survey using a mobile device

    5 Stars or Bust: Why the Star Rating System for Reviews is Broken

    For years, the star rating system has been a staple of online reviews. From Amazon to Google to Facebook to Yelp, those pesky stars are everywhere. Don’t forget about the review’s ever-present counterpart: the hordes of business owners imploring you, the customer, to leave feedback. As a concept, it makes a lot of sense. A […]

  • Stock ticker board with the text, Low cost strategies for marketing your business during an economic downturn

    Low-Cost Strategies: Marketing Your Business During an Economic Downturn

    During economic tough times, such as the Coronavirus pandemic, it's still possible to ride the way to marketing success. All you have to do is switch to low-cost tactics.