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Don't Build Your Digital Marketing House on Rented Land

It’s a story that I have heard more times recently than I care to admit… “Facebook changed their algorithm, and now my business page is useless.” “I was using a tool to generate leads on LinkedIn, and my account was banned.” “I went from page one on Google to page 99.” “Facebook deleted my business […]
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Why Your Business Website Needs Video Content

Search engine optimization is far trickier than it was only a few years ago when web developers and DIY-minded business owners would incorporate keywords into website copy, stuff graphics with metadata, and enter their URLs into form fields on major search engine "tools" pages. But in this new age, video content is a significant marketing strategy businesses […]
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Why It Might Be Time For a New Website

Do you want to listen in on a conversation I have at least once a week? Here it goes: Potential customer: "Hi. I think I need a new website." Me: "Ok! What are your goals for your new site?" Potential customer: "Um. I want customers to be able to find me online...?" Now don't get […]
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Branding, it's More Than Just a Logo--it's a Story

Many people tend to think branding is developing a logo, and while this is one component of your brand, it is not the essence. Creating a memorable brand is similar to creating a memorable story. It's not only the images associated with pictures but the story that goes with it. Every brand tells a story. […]
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The Power of Polished Personal Branding

Thanks to the internet, we all need to have a polished professional look that presents the world with a representation of who we are and how we do business.
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Low-Cost Strategies: Marketing Your Business During an Economic Downturn

As the Coronavirus epidemic is wreaking havoc on the world's economics, businesses are doing their best to survive. During these tough times, it's still possible to ride the way of marketing success. All you have to do is switch to low-cost tactics. The best part of marketing is its diversity. It's possible to continue promoting […]
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